eLearning &  Corporate Training


At Mosaico Technologies our focus is on offering services that make us a one-stop-shop for all your learning needs. We are experts at developing enhanced learning courses using a myriad of tools and technologies. We list below some of our areas of expertise:


Developing Learning Strategy

Developing an effective development and learning strategy has never been more important as how we imbibe learning these days has changed drastically from how it was delivered in the past.  What are the key pointers to developing a learning strategy where individuals’ learning goals are all aligned for the good of the organization? What measures need to be taken to ensure successful implementation?

We at Mosaico work with you to develop the right combination of learning strategy which includes a variety of digital distribution models.


Developing Learning Pathways

Among the various tasks possible for the learning area, one of the most important is to design a learning pathway. A learning pathway is basically a set of articles to read and exercises to complete in order to learn something, usually in a specific order. However, creating good, efficient pathways requires some work. We at Mosaico have Learning Architects that can write and create effective Learning Pathways that lead to well-designed courses.

A learning pathway really looks like a tutorial and, yes, it’s very similar. The difference is that a tutorial is the concrete result where a learning pathway is the blueprint.


Developing Interactivity and Delivery Models

The entertainment and education worlds are converging, and the same audiences that crave slick animation/3D movies also take e-learning courses. Welcome to the world of experiential and immersive learning and training.

We provide you with innovative strategies for engaging your audience, powered by emerging technologies. Augmented reality brings new dimensions to learning by unlocking or creating layers of digital information that can be viewed through an Android or iOS device.


Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Animation

3D virtual worlds digitally simulate learning where learners can explore the environment, participate in activities and communicate with others. Our skilled animators bring to life learning concepts, selecting from the latest 3D and 2D techniques, virtual 3D environments, whiteboard animation, cell animation and motion graphics to effectively communicate ideas.

What’s more, animation programs for e-learning are cross-platform—ready to be delivered on computers, television, tablets and smartphones.


Gamified Learning

Our gamification solutions use game elements like points, badges and leaderboards to engage, inspire and motivate learners. Our portfolio of gamified solutions includes gamified content, Serious Games, gamified platforms and our social gamification solutions. Learning through games is immersive, motivating and challenging. We create captivating and educative games for today’s multigenerational workforce that elevate the level of learner engagement and learning retention. Games have a formal structure and are used to hone specific skills in line with instructional goals. They are an innovative approach to learning and training that bridge the worlds of gaming and professional development.

Whether we are addressing gaps in knowledge and skills or striving for behavioral change, our Games have resulted in demonstrable improvement in on-the-job performance and cost savings for our clients.



We develop reality based simulations for in a multitude of areas. Simulations offer learners the ability to learn in a realistic environment where they can apply knowledge and skills without the fear of real-world implications. Byte sized custom learning objects that provide insights into very specific concepts or topics, within a learning time of 30-45 minutes have proven to be a successful learning model. Abstract concepts are broken down into variables that replicate the systemic nature of real-world decision-making without potential risks involved.


Learning Bytes

All-pervasive connectivity and Mobile Learning have brought just-in-time, micro-learning to the forefront. Learners on the move prefer learning nuggets or shorter duration bursts instead of longer courses. Animation makes perfect sense for learning nuggets thanks to higher impact and lesser development cost.

Learning Nuggets are the answer to information overload. Nuggets distil information and target specific information to utilize the learners time efficiently. They are suited to learners who have little time available for training. As well as those who need a quick update or refresher without having to sift through reams of information.


Mobility Learning

Learners today depend on the latest technology – like smartphones and tablets – to help them fit online training into their busy lives. Mobile handheld devices can help deliver academic and corporate training, performance support applications, game-based learning solutions, and simulations-based learning.

You use a phone or a tablet under different circumstances. This small but vital distinction and design consideration can make all the difference to the effectiveness of delivering mobile-based learning solutions.

eLearning today has evolved and schools, colleges and corporates are making it part of their training and education routine.  

eLearning &  Corporate Training services
eLearning &  Corporate Training services
eLearning &  Corporate Training services
eLearning &  Corporate Training services