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About i2k2

i2k2 Networks is a global data center, hosting and technology services company based out of Noida, India.

With a presence in complete globe, we help businesses transform their IT infrastructure.

Our innovative approach ensures that the growth of the customer remains accelerated.

Our clients cut across verticals and horizontals, our domain specific expertise and understanding of today’s dynamic business needs offer tailor made solutions and services so that businesses can leverage the maximum benefits through us.

We ensure that the delivery quality parameters are met and remain committed to the best possible customer experience.


About ROI Mantra

A few aeons ago our founders found themselves sitting across a table trying to make sense of a few dozen digital marketing proposals for the promotion of their start-up.

The sentiment that each one of them recalls is confusion and frustration with ambiguous language, unclear expectations and ridiculous prices.

Moving on from that epoch, one of our founders realized the problem was far more viral when working with the top Agencies in the world as an Advertising Technologist.

The entire spectrum of service providers was either not providing any value for money or charging too much money for the value.

ROI Mantra was born to provide high performance+low cost to simultaneously push the top & bottom lines and maximize margins for any advertiser.

ROI Mantra has grown rapidly exclusively on that premise and every strand of our DNA holds performance as a key.

“With commitment to  quality, innovation and technology we strive to exceed expectations ethically”

—Mosaico Technologies

Associate Companies
Associate Companies